The governing and policy-making body for the Moore Chamber of Commerce is the board of directors (BOD). The BOD is responsible for ensuring the chamber is accomplishing its mission and implementing the organization’s strategic plan. The BOD is representative of the Chamber’s diverse membership, and nominations to the BOD are considered annually.

Years ago I interviewed longtime Moore resident Gene January about his family’s history.  He shared how his grandparents came to Moore at the turn of the 20th century; everything they owned in one railroad car.  They stepped off the train and a new life began.  I can only imagine what those early settlers would think if they could step off the train and see Moore today.  But we really don’t have to go back that far.  Imagine a Moore resident from 1980 jumping into the present day Moore; or even someone from the turn of the 21st Century.  They may have trouble recognizing the place.

In fact, Moore has seen two decades of unprecedented growth unlike any in our city’s history, or virtually any city for that matter.  The result is a first class community with unparalleled city services, entertainment options and retail venues.  We owe a debt of gratitude to the forward thinking leaders of our past who made our present possible.  And we have an obligation to think about the next twenty years.

As the 2018 Board Chairman for the Moore Chamber of Commerce, I’m excited to have a front row seat to the future.  Chamber growth is unprecedented, creating a dynamic network of businesses vested in supporting each other and continued progress in Moore.  The chamber staff, board of directors and membership create an unrivaled platform for synergy.  In the midst of this remarkable era, Moore’s Chamber stands ready to pursue tomorrow.

It all points back to the big questions; what will Moore be like in the next twenty years?  Will the coming two decades create the same transformative power as the last two?  And if they do, how will that progress take place?

Imagine stepping off the proverbial train into the Moore of 2038.  Chamber leadership today will help shape that future.  Whether your family has ties to Moore since statehood, or you’re a brand new member of the community, enjoy the wonders of our present!  And join the Moore Chamber of Commerce as we shape an even brighter tomorrow.


Brent Wheelbarger
Trifecta Communications


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