About Moore

Located in the heart of Oklahoma, Moore is just south of our state’s capitol city along the Interstate 35 corridor. With the development of the interstate highway system, Moore grew from a small town of 1,700 in 1960 to a vibrant, growing metropolitan community of over 53,000 citizens. Aside from easy access to the Oklahoma City greater metropolitan area, Moore has thrived because of its outstanding public school system and quality, affordable housing.

Moore is 20 minutes or less from Will Rogers World Airport, Tinker Air Force Base, University of Oklahoma, downtown Oklahoma City, Federal Aviation Agency, thousands of businesses, industries, public and private schools, as well as first-rate recreational and cultural facilities. However, the best thing about Moore is the small-town feel of quiet neighborhoods, peaceful parks and friendly people. A new resident recently stated, “It just feels like home.” We feel confident you will like Moore. We will do all we can to help you make a happy and successful relocation to the Moore community.

A Taste of Our History

Moore was founded during the land-run of 1889. The early settlers came on train, horseback, wagon and some on foot. According to local historians, the town’s original name was Verbeck, as designated by the railroad company. However, a railroad employee named Al Moore, reported to be either a conductor or a brakeman, lived in a boxcar at the camp and had difficulty receiving his mail.

He painted his name – Moore – on a board and nailed it on the boxcar. When a postmaster was appointed, he continued to call the settlement Moore. When the town incorporated in 1893, the name was legalized.

The original town site comprised a small area bounded by the present NE 3rd Street on the north and SE 4th Street on the south. The eastern limit was situated about one-and-a-half blocks east of the railroad and the western edge about two-and-a-half blocks west of the railroad. The little town slumbered comfortably for 70 years before exploding in a frenzy of expansion and development that attracted national attention.

In 1961, approximately 21.6 square miles of additional territory was annexed and in 1962 Moore became a city. The decade of the 1960s saw Moore’s population soar.

The 1970 Census showed an increase of more than 950 percent – for a total of 18,761. The 1980 Census recorded 35,063 residents – an 86 percent growth rate. Moore continued to grow during the 1980s, with the 1990 Census indicating a 15 percent increase to 40,318. The 2000 Census listed Moore’s population as 41,138. Since the 2000 Census our population has grown to over 53,000, an increase of over 31 percent in just ten years.

On May 3, 1999 Moore experienced the most violent tornado ever recorded. While devastating and terrible in its immediate effect, the community came together as never before. Thousands of citizens and businesses donated goods and volunteered time. Immediately after the tornado the process of rebuilding began.

The damaged homes and businesses affected by the tornado have been rebuilt or replaced. Today, Moore is a new and stronger city. With the help of dedicated citizens and businesses, Moore turned a devastating natural disaster into our finest hour!