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Education in Moore

"We've always been about community and family. We’ve done instrumental things in the past, and with every endeavor, we’ve managed to create something that was bigger and better than what we had before. We do well by our students.”

Dr. Robert Romines, Superintendent, Moore Public Schools

Education in Moore is top priority. Moore Public School (MPS) District is "Shaping Today's Students Into Tomorrow's Leaders." To accomplish this, they encourage and focus on high student achievement, outstanding instruction, and strong community involvement. Continued success in these areas make Moore one of the state’s finest school systems.

The MPS encompasses 159 square miles in the metropolitan area covering all of Moore and a large portion of the southern part of Oklahoma City. The district offers Pre-K through 12th grade with alternative learning options. Currently, MPS has a student population of over 23,000 in 34 campuses, making it the fourth-largest in the state. Moore Public Schools is one of the first districts in Oklahoma to confirm the construction of FEMA-rated shelters in all schools.

MPS embodies the community spirit of giving back. The student body has contributed over 15,000 volunteer hours. Another way they continue to give back is through the Moore Love. Started in 2017, Moore Love is the district's annual philanthropic initiative officially held in February. The student bodies from every campus unite as one fundraising powerhouse to help fight hunger and provide funding solutions.