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Why Choose this Opportunity?

  • Typically no upfront costs
  • Return unsold cards without paying for them
  • 50% profitable fundraiser
  • Cards are usually ready within 2-3 business days

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How Does The Card Fundraiser Work?

Local businesses offer discounts. The discount information is available online. The cards are reusable and valid for up to a year!

Minimum 50% Profit!

Our cards sell for $15 each, you keep $7.50 and pay $7.50 for each card sold. Discounted prices are available for higher minimums and prepaid orders.

No Upfront Charges/Return Unsold Cards!

Order as many as you want, sell what you can, and return the rest. In most cases, your only commitment is to sell and pay for at least half of however many cards you order. You can return up to 50% of the total cards ordered without paying for them! After that, order more cards, then return what you don’t sell. We can also customize a card for your group, which will require a specific minimum number of cards to be sold.

Sell a Valuable Product

Our card fundraisers hold excellent local and reusable discounts. Show your card, get your discount, then keep your card and use it again next time!

Everyone Wins!

Whether it’s the merchant on the card, the card holder, or your group, EVERYONE WINS. Giving value while benefiting our youths and communities is a fantastic approach to fundraising and one that’s not easy to find.

Let's do the math?

Your group sells 500 cards - Your group's revenue would be $3,750. 1,000 would be $7,500 and so on... AND there is NO need to organize volunteers to help distribute items when they come in - you are selling cards that are ON HAND.